Bathrobe dwane

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Charles reed (Bathrobe dwane) (Jew who rages in Runescape)
Fuck you man, You're getting permed! Anti semite!
AliasesTwitch, his retarded moderators
Banter levelBelow zero
LocationPossibly Alabama
AgeDoes not matter because he still acts like a child
AffiliationsKu klux klan, LGBTQQIP2SAA community, The Jews of america foundation, twitch , r/runescape, runescape FANDOM,RuneZcaperZ69
Past affiliationsNAMBLA, Kid diddler industries, ANTIFA, facebook developer team,
Physical description
Dick length[REDACTED]
Mental disordersAutism, schizophrenia, being jewish, weed addiction, tourettes(because he chimps out on streams)
  1. Bathrobe dwane driven insane by song requests and his viewers
    sketch of dwane made by dogskin (fuckin' got Launchpad wrong, fuck!)
    Bathrobe dwane is a twitch mixer Dlive streamer known for playing runescape and getting le trolled by his viewers via donations or calls,most of the pranksters make meme videos on youtube known for hiding the word "Ni**er" or "Porch monkey" inside of them,usually disguised as music videos, normal fag memes, "wholesome" memes and the list goes on and on. He sometimes gets videos with "earrape" and gore.
  2. Bathrobe dwane is a jewish Man who lives on the beach with his mom, he has a receding hairline and appears to be going bald. He did anything to earn money on stream, For example: Dancing completely naked on stream.

Dwane is the main target of twitch, he is getting trihard requests every stream

Charles' predators are: Cynical Cynic, River salts And vanilla fraggers (shout out to them, epic people)

He is also known for being a pothead,since he smokes pot on streams and often has halucinations

He acts like he hates hearing the word Nigg*r, but in reality, he hates em' with all his mighty powers.


Dubmood - A message to you(EDITED)

Bathrobe dwane disstrack

Racist oreo commercial

Happy birthday from the ku klux klan

Randy marsh "nigg*rs"

Sk8r boi (EDITED)

Epic flute drop (EDITED)

Keemstar about alex

Moonman-notorious KKK

Captain jack(EDITED)

Rudolf the rednose raindeer (EDITED)

You may ask yourself "who is bathrobe dwane?"

Well,short answer, he is cringe and bluepilled


1.when making a twitch account, set your name to something unintelligible like:Brzęczyszczykiewicz, N1993 5L4Y3R 7H3 M1GH7Y, YREUHJRYWESTW.

2. Either send him gore/snake going in to somebody's asshole

or simple troll songs which contain the word nigg*r, it is better to send troll songs, because the jew doesn't make imagery visible to viewers, only sound, of course, which might grant him a permanent ban, you know how twitch is these days, right?

The longer that retard ignores the songs, the better, it adds to the Chance of getting his account permed/deleted.

3. make alt accounts if banned, you can get folks to raid him, or even beg to get mod so you can

make a perma ban killing streak.


Dwane is very insecure about his receding hairline, thus he proceeds to project onto other viewers by calling them: fat,negroid-like, stinky, fags , basement dwellers , porch monkeys etc.


It is guaranteed that the jew bans you because you're Innocent, or send non-offensive safe music videos,

He uses the permanent ban tactic to block out truth about him, he is a weakling!


You heard me right, twitch banned the jew and now he is uploading videos onto youtube.

Only time can tell how long will he last before another ban

Bathrobe dwane caught in Poland high on crack


This wiki is still under construction,i (dogskin) will carry this thread as the creator.

PS. Thanks for checking out the wiki, Dwane a.k.a snake Boy ;)