Nega bailey 2 (polyblium)

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"You gonna cry, libtard? You gonna go home and bitch to mommy? Well, news flash, faggot, you and all the niggers around the world are about to get eliminated. No blue pills allowed. Teehee nigga!!!!"

- Will, at age 2


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basically, i am monky

Nega Bailey 2 is the second super soldier included in the 1st part of the Nega Bailey mini DLC Bailey unleashed on the Discord around September 2018, one who was specially designed to hunt down Tumblrinas and black people. This nigga is the most racist fucker you'll ever meet in your life constantly going on about how black people should be put in concentration camps every 2 minutes. He also hates most women. He is observed to often use the phrase "teehee nigga" after half the things he types or says which has turned into a household phrase by this point. He can easily be identified by his vast knowledge of the MCU. He's also pretty redpilled and types in all caps to emphasize his point.

This nigga likes Marvel and shit so he's a real G

- Shotgun9009


  • Nega Bailey 2 has an innate ability that he likes to call his "blue-pill sense." Through this, he can detect libtards and black people from a distance of 50 miles away.
  • Nega Bailey 2's eye lasers have the ability to instantly disintegrate anyone who falls under either of those categories.