Bailey (ToastedBacon)

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Dubstep controls everything.

Bailey is a violent psychopath with his biggest accomplishment being the LPMC member with the most mental issues. He was retrieved from a dumpster after the Omagh Bombings, claiming to be responsible despite having not left that dumpster for a record time of 2 months. It is unknown how he was able to sustain himself. Further studies are to be conducted to see if he is related to the guy in crutches who pissed himself near a shady Dominoes Pizza in West Belfast.

XXXTentacion offered to fight him and instead got confused and beat his pregnant girlfriend instead. He shot the fucker dead in his car.

Bailey shows all sorts of symptoms of being a Million Dollar Extreme fan yet he still proclaims to hate them.


Yeah I was right, they're not that funny. Besides they got Zucc'd