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Launchpad: McClack, formerly "Launchpad McQuack" [pronounced sʌk ɪt bɪʧ sʌk ɪt] - also known as "Mujahideen" (Arabic: مجاهدين‎ mujāhidīn) is a highly turbelent, epic as fuck, based and redpilled group(s) of teenagers that sit online and produce quality internet media. Being friends for over like 6 years, we've developed a culture in which we tried pretty much everything - YouTube videos, a planned music career, and that's about it. This wiki serves as the longest-running project by the group and it explains pretty much everything if one of us embraces their inceldom and crashes a truck into a city center.

Welcome to the Launchpad: McClack Wiki

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Summary of us

The official wiki of the award-winning Central African basket weaving association Launchpad: McClack.

The nega bailey DLC characters: