Rapolas/Ross (Very Strong Fighter/Awex Twin)

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<infobox> <title source="name"> <default>Rapolas/Ross (Very Strong Fighter/Awex Twin)</default> </title> <image source="image">

</image> <group> <label>Aliases</label> <label>Banter level</label> <label>Location</label> <label>Age</label> <label>Affiliations</label> <label>Past affiliations</label> </group> <group> <header>Physical description</header> <label>Height</label> <label>Dick length</label> <label>Mental disorders</label> </group> </infobox>Born in Lithuania (fictional), Rapolas or as some people like to call him Ross is a fictional character who joined LP:MC "like 2 years ago". Mostly noted for his illegal and puertos type of humor, illegal Youtube videos and War Thunder, this fantasy individual exists as a figment of the collective obsessional behavior of LP:MC. The community believes that this person exists however due to the groups lacking mental health, Rapolas is just a rare phenomenon - an illusion between all the members. However this doesn't stop them laughing at him neither does it stop the countless glitches in the matrix allowing him to be seen as presence. Some even believe that the power level of this individual causes electromagnetic pulse fields or EMP fields to always corrupt or disrupt basic forms of decency in electronics, electrical constructions, network devices as well as electronic mediums (case in study - this wiki page). Still being a member of the Mob Lag, the group specified in consuming a singular electronic medium known as video games, Ross is one of the members that have multiple affiliations. Rapolas right now has a Firefox update and it's installing on his computer