Tom (Conquest)

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Thomas Fox-Farrell|aliases = Conquest


The LPMC DLC Character
Location With his internet GF
Age When did happy days go off the air?
Past affiliations LPMC, Back Door Pizza Hut Boys, fat gay losers, Ilerminerty, World Meme Database V.I.P Members, Bureau of Knee-high
Height Just under £5
Dick Length 2 and a bit coke cans
Mental Disorders Difficulty understanding Banter, Homestuck, Internet GF, Hasn't shit in 2 years.
Example Example
Example Example
Example Example

image = Banter_Pass_(Tom).png}}"Ain't nothin' that can't be solved with finger guns."

An instigator of sorts in the physical hi-jinks of LPMC, Tom (Or more commonly known as the Side-character of LPMC for reasons unknown to himself) is a prime example of how human evolution can always go in a bad direction. Tom is also known for being a large contributor towards the initial design stages and the final product of the LPMC logo currently used to this day.

Unconditionally loved by everyone, this LPMC member is somewhere situated between the likes of NOWTWICE and Raging Thor in terms of social activity.