DMX - It's Dark & Hell Is Hot

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"you know what im saying- these rough ridding niggas heard these niggas are for real dog

u huh thats my mans innem but i heard these niggas are supposed to be like locking down industry on some shit on some power shit dog thats my mans innem hmmm i se-so what im doin right right my mans innem... is doin. because right das my mans innem... hm hm hm ya know? i feel yuh now you feel me slap i feel you so you know when you fuckin with me right right? you fucking with- bang... uh oh ba-bang what have you done now? ba-biiiiing told yall niggas ... u just dont listen to me... why must you be hotheadded... uuuurrrrrrrrrrr its hard to explain. you didnt even know. now? uh. now. i must. uuurrrr but i want to. rrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh"

calmest rap album in the world